Laws are made to help.
Some attorneys are too.

Our attorneys believe the law should make your life better, which has a lot to do with who your attorney is. Our firm is a family affair with a support staff that understands how to get things done.

Laws are made to help.
Some attorneys are too.

Our attorneys believe the law should make your life better, which has a lot to do with who your attorney is. Our firm is a family affair with a support staff that understands how to get things done.

Meet the Vallones

Jim Vallone, Attorney

I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in the Central Park area of Buffalo. My father held two jobs. The first was as a switch tender with the railroad. The second job was running a small store with my mother. On occasion, I would go with dad to the railroad. We would pack lunches from the store, and I would spend the night with him as he went track to track, turning switches manually. I was known as his “helper.” When dad retired, he would go to courts with me at night, and my clients referred to him as my “helper.” My parents taught me hard work and love of family. As a result, I am close with my two sisters and brother.
I was first turned on to the law in high school when I volunteered in the public defender’s office. I graduated from the University of Buffalo with honors in 1979, majoring in history and political science. I attended my first year of law school at the University of Dayton where I finished my freshman year in the top 10% of my class. I also won the freshman Mock Trial Championship. The next year, I transferred to the University of Buffalo Law School, where I graduated in 1982.
I opened my firm in 1983 and have been practicing law ever since. I have held positions as a law guardian protecting the rights of children, a confidential law clerk in the Erie County Family Court, a prosecutingattorney for three separate municipalities, a municipal attorney for two different municipalities, the president of the Prosecutors Association of Western New York, a judge of the town of Cheektowaga, and a law professor. As an instructor of my fellow magistrate judges in five different counties, I taught courses in ethics, jury trials, and serious felony matters. All of this allows me to understand how judges think and react to various clientele and circumstances, giving my clients an advantage in the courtroom.

My greatest accomplishments are my three children. My son, Eric, is my law partner, and my daughter Gina is a practicing attorney in our office. My daughter Jamie is a dietician with Meals on Wheels. They are extremely close, which is every parent’s dream. I believe in compassion for people of all backgrounds and the need for second chances when deserving. After 35 years, I still enjoy going to court and arguing for what I feel is right and just.

--

Eric Vallone, Attorney

I’m proud to be a father, husband, and lawyer, in that order. I’m also a boss, son, brother, uncle, godfather, and friend. I might even be someone’s enemy, but I hope not.

Amanda is my wife. She has made me the man I am today. She gets me out of my comfort zone, and that makes me better. I’m thankful she agreed to be my wife.

Aiden is our son. He’s three. He likes reading books, going to the zoo, and playing with his cousins. His birth mother chose us to be his parents, and sometimes, the awesomeness of that responsibility overwhelms me. I hope she’s proud of the boy we have helped him become. I know I am proud of him. Adoption has touched me in ways both obvious and obscure.

My father started all of this. He built our business through years of effort. Together, we continue to build it. I’m proud of what he built for us. I like working with my sister, Gina. We haven’t always gotten along, and that’s mostly my fault! I want to help her reach her potential as a lawyer. She’s already a great sister.

Rachel, Clare, Mirijana, Brooke, and Renee are more than my employees. They make me a better lawyer. I’m lucky that they choose to work with me.

I could say more about myself. Like how I love to read and listen to music. Or, why I have a record player in my office. Let’s save it for when we meet. We’ll start with your story, though.

Gina Vallone-Bacon, Attorney

I am proud to say that I have lived in Buffalo all my life. I have one brother and one sister, who are my best friends. I am lucky to be close to my parents and extended family. I’m married to a man who saddled with me the last name Bacon, and we are looking to expand our family this year. I graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in English in 2013 and then from the University at Buffalo Law School in 2016. I was admitted to the New York State Bar in January 2017 and have been practicing mostly in Family Law since.

I feel fortunate to be working in law with clients who I can truly make a difference for. My favorite holiday is 4th of July. My most ridiculous wish is for it to be summer year-round. In my off-time, I love to cook, read, and spend time with my nephew.

Take it from our clients:

“We used Vallone Law for our house closing – both buying and selling. Clare, who is a paralegal at the firm, was absolutely amazing to work with! She responded promptly to all questions via e-mail or calls – even when e-mailed at 11PM, she’d reply within minutes. The entire process went smooth and the team was very efficient as far as having all docs and paperwork prepared for us. I highly recommend this firm and will be using again for our Living Will and other legal items.”

— Steven G.

Take it from our clients:

“Mr. Vallone helped me through one of thee most terrifying experiences of my life. He kept me well informed the entire time and never ever set false expectations — Honestly, I would refer anyone that experiences a DWI to him because he was extremely well versed, personable and stayed with me until the very end and was just absolutely amazing. There are not enough good things to say about this law firm.”

— AnnMarie H.